Epson ELPAF13 / V13H134A13 Air Filter

Epson replacement air filter, product code ELPAF13 / V13H134A13.
€29,04 €24,00
Proper maintenance of your projector is important to get the maximum performance from a projector lamp. With a new projector air filter you can be sure that your projector will supply the best possible cooling to the projector lamp. This Epson ELPAF13 / V13H134A13 projector filter is compatible with the following models (list may not be complete, if your projector model is not listed please contact us first); Epson EB-410W, EB-410We, EB-S6, EB-S62, EB-S6LU, EB-TW420, EB-W6, EB-X6, EB-X62, EB-X6e, EH-TW420, EMP-400W, EMP-400We, EMP-822, EMP-822H, EMP-822H LW, EMP-83, EMP-83e, EMP-83H, EMP-83H+, EMP-83He, EMP-S5, EMP-S5+, EMP-S52, EMP-X5, EMP-X5+, EMP-X52, EMP-X56, EX21, EX30, EX50, EX70, EX90, H283B, H284B, POWERLITE 400W, POWERLITE 410W, POWERLITE 77C, POWERLITE 78, POWERLITE 822+, POWERLITE 822P, POWERLITE 83+, POWERLITE 83C, POWERLITE 83V+, POWERLITE HOME CINEMA 700, POWERLITE S5, POWERLITE S6, POWERLITE W6.
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No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Manufacturer Part Number(s)ELPAF13 / V13H134A13
Warrantynot applicable
EAN Code0793574680074