CANON XEED X600 QualityLamp Module RS-LP02 / 1311B001AA with Original Bulb Inside

CANON XEED X600 Projector Lamp

QualityLamp projector lamp module with an original bulb inside, suitable for the CANON XEED X600 projector. Manufacturer lamp code RS-LP02 / 1311B001AA.

RS-LP02 / 1311B001AA Projectorlamp

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€325,49 €269,00
CANON XEED X600 Projectorlamp

Best Buy projector lamp for the CANON XEED X600 projector

Most of our customers buy our QualityLamp projector lamp. It is the best choice for your CANON XEED X600 projector. Because an original bulb is used, its performance is identical to the original lamp, but at a lower price. This projector lamp has a warranty period of 6 months.

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Manufacturer Part Number(s)RS-LP02 / 1311B001AA
No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Warranty6 months
EAN Code0657768550638
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