CANON REALIS WUX4000 D QualityLamp Module RS-LP06 / 4965B001 / RS-LP07 / 5017B001 with Original Bulb Inside

CANON REALIS WUX4000 D Projector Lamp

QualityLamp projector lamp module with an original bulb inside, suitable for the CANON REALIS WUX4000 D projector. Manufacturer lamp code RS-LP06 / 4965B001 / RS-LP07 / 5017B001.

RS-LP06 / 4965B001 / RS-LP07 / 5017B001 Projectorlamp

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€300,08 €248,00
CANON REALIS WUX4000 D Projectorlamp

Best Buy projector lamp for the CANON REALIS WUX4000 D projector

Most of our customers buy our QualityLamp projector lamp. It is the best choice for your CANON REALIS WUX4000 D projector. Because an original bulb is used, its performance is identical to the original lamp, but at a lower price. This projector lamp has a warranty period of 6 months.

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Manufacturer Part Number(s)RS-LP06 / 4965B001 / RS-LP07 / 5017B001
No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Warranty6 months
EAN Code0657768502668
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